A Health Wake Up Call For Planet Earth!

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Here are just some facts regarding planet Earth and its human population:

1. Out of the 6-odd billion humans on planet Earth, around 2 billion have to get by on roughly 2 dollars a day.

2. Every seven seconds a child dies of starvation.

3. 40% of the population don't have a toilette.

4. Half the population are without safe water and proper sanitation.

5. Because of a lack of attention to handling sanitation, hunger, debt, and training developing countries and its inhabitants to become self-sufficient, diseases of poverty such as cholera, parasitic infections, tuberculosis and dysentery continue on a massive scale.

6. According to the World Bank, 24% of the urban population and 67% of the rural population in developing countries are without electricity.

7. If you have over 1500 dollars then you are in the top 5% richest people on the planet (only 1500 little old dollars!)

However, the entire human population could be taken and given detached houses, which would only take up an area the size of the state of Texas. As you can at least imagine for a moment, providing there was the right attitude with real intention towards harmony and balance with integrity, all the above problems could be handled...

-In short, as Ghandi said: ''There is enough here on this planet for peoples' need, but not enough for greed.''

It's true of course, that sizable budgets have been ploughed into the developing countries under the guise of 'aid programmes'. However, it has been debated that instead of this money being put into ending world hunger and debt, it has fallen into the hands of the wrong people such as corrupt dictators who have used it for things like waging war against the country's neighbours and taking care of their own pockets... -Still the problems of disease and poverty persist.

I put it to you like this; the reason why the poor people in the developing countries have never been allowed to develop economically is because it suits the most senior powers that be (PTB) that control this planet for them to stay in poverty.

The most senior PTB don't want their business monopolies to be threatened in any way: From the most senior PTB points of view, the last thing they want to see is several billion poor people get well off, as this would make it much more for difficult them to have the stranglehold and control/manipulation over the population of the planet, like they've been having and continue to do so.

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A Health Wake Up Call For Planet Earth!

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This article was published on 2010/04/04