Biosphere Machines for Sustainability

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Biosphere Machines are the hope of tomorrow. Sustainability has been constantly dwindling because of pollution. Irresponsible and apathetic energy generation has forsaken the planet and continues to threaten the welfare of the environment. Mother Nature is constantly under attack from pollutants that are unrelenting in draining the life out of our biosphere. Sustainability itself is hanging in the balance and something must be done to tip the scales to the favor of life. If no significant changes occur soon, the planet will reach its demise. The impending doom can only be stopped if people begin to care for the planet. The earth should be treasured for it is the only home we've got.



Biosphere Machines have the ability to empower sustainability and help it overcome the ailments brought upon us by pollution. It will clear all the waste that has scattered all over the face of the planet. It will serve as a conflagration that will decimate every piece of trash and clean the earth's surface. Cleansing of the garbage will pave way for the restoration of nature and make the lands green again, full of plants and trees and a wide diversity of wildlife.



Biosphere Machines are also capable of cleaning the air by preventing air pollution. This will be done by providing an alternative to the currently widely used fossil fuel technologies that greatly harm the planet and the sustainability of life. It will offer a means of acquiring energy that is at par with fossil fuels in terms of efficiency but is leagues ahead when it comes to greenness. The said machines produce the lowest quantities of pollutants during their energy generation procedures. The amount of pollutions is well within the limit that the planet can tolerate and easily overcome with its innate capabilities to recover.



Biosphere Machines will ensure a sustainable future for the human race and all forms of life that depend on the planet for a home. Sustenance is the greatest legacy with can leave behind to the next generation; a legacy we can take pride in. Taking care of the planet is an honor and a responsibility innate to each and every one of us. We should do our best to preserve the environment. Neither scientific nor technological progress should come at the price of nature. Nature should always take top priority for it is what sustains life.

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Biosphere Machines for Sustainability

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This article was published on 2010/12/03